#Cidergang's Guide to Posting the Perfect Instagram Dump 🤝

#Cidergang's Guide to Posting the Perfect Instagram Dump 🤝

There's nothing like a good photo dump to sum up a weekend, or a holiday trip, or even your zodiac season. For those who don't know (OMG how can you not though!),  a photo dump is basically painting the events of your life in 10 swipes. We asked our community what fills the perfect photo dump, and we may have just locked the perfect recipe 📝

Here's the 10-step content and order that is highly recommended by our besties:

  1. The solo shot, your cover photo is the first thing your followers will see. Pick your fav photo of you, you have to be the spotlight, duh! 👑
  2. You and someone else, the photo that's second runner up and shows off someone worthy in your life ~ worthy enough to be on your feed. Iykyk 🤭
  3. Aesthetic photo #1, this just sets the mood of what your dump is about. It could be food, scenery, or anything that caught your eye at a certain moment. Plus points if it's taken on x2.5! 📸
  4. Aesthetic photo #2, this one's gotta be something real cute! Typically we reserve this spot for our bestie, our partner, or maybe even our furry friends! 🐕
  5. A 3-10 second video, we're mixing up the media here. It just has to be a moment from your stories, a clip of your fav moment that needs to be remembered forever! 📹
  6. Another good photo of you, we know your camera roll is just filled with more amazing photos. This is the spot for that! 😍
  7. Aesthetic photo #3, yup another! We're painting a whole scene so this one needs to capture the essence but also complement everything going on. 🎨
  8. The group photo, it could be with family or friends but channel the inner auntie in you who initiates all the group pics at family affairs. 😂
  9. The chaotic photo, it's the blurry pic that just vibes or a screenshot of some juicy text messages. It's like a reward for whoever has made it to the ending of your dump ~ make it worth it! 🙊
  10. The wild card, for some reason everyone has that photo that'll just tie in everything together. The last photo that ends the series of events. 👩‍🍳


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