Your Cancer Horoscope for July ♋️

Your Cancer Horoscope for July ♋️

Calling all our Cancer sisters! This July is going to be a special month for you, here's what the stars are writing for you:

  1. You need to spend more time focusing on yourself You're one to always care for those around you, but this month – the sun shines especially for you. Make sure your priorities match what's best for your wellbeing. Take your rest knowing that it's okay to be selfish at times and create boundaries that doesn't put your heart and mind on the line.
  2. Be open for collaboration First of all, Cancers, you need to acknowledge that you're never alone. Allow trust and dependence to enter your circle, more people are reaching out to you more than you think. Accept it and lean into it.
  3. A new opportunity or deal awaits you  Bound for a new job or any type of partnership? Nearing the full moon, something that you've been eyeing on is getting closer to you. Don't hinder yourself to follow-up on these opportunities 'cause remember: failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of the path.

Embrace Cancer season with fresh eyes and an open heart, you're far into your journey and get ready; it's just about to get exciting! Happy Cancer Season, #cidergang!


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