Why Everyone And Their Grandma *wink* Are Embracing The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

Why Everyone And Their Grandma *wink* Are Embracing The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

In many ways, summer is officially coming to a close – school's back in session, Labor Day has come and gone, and internships are starting back up. Although the sun may be setting sooner, we're still holding onto the last few weeks of summer before we dive into fall! So grab an Aperol spritz and your gardening gloves and get ready to embrace your inner Ina Garten! The coastal grandmother aesthetic is here to stay!

What Is The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic?

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is the perfect mix of laid-back and elegant, combining cozy textures with flattering silhouettes to bring you a year-round look that embodies the vibe and lifestyle of a chic, relaxed life on the East Coast. This style can be understood as the minimalism of the seaside, using natural and comfortable materials such as linen, cotton, silk, and light cashmere to create a "natural" sense of luxury.

Classic Coastal Grandmother Pieces

Sticking to light neutrals, the color palette around this aesthetic is primarily white and beige. These hues create a quiet, relaxed color atmosphere, perfect for embodying your always cool, never bothered beachside grandmother. Button-down shirts and loose long dresses are all must-haves along with accessories such as straw hats, oversized straw bags, or even small, patterned headscarves!

Our Coastal Grandmother Picks

If you're ready to dive headfirst into this chic, relaxed aesthetic, look no further! We've curated an entire collection to help you live out your coastal grandmother dreams!

Some of our fav pieces include:

Products left to right:

  1. Dark Garden Cropped Tank Top
  2. Solid Straight Leg Trousers
  3. Stripe Collar Knit Polo Top
  4. Milk Tea Pleated Wide Leg Trousers
  5. Solid Lace Trim Dress


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