Icons Only: Summer '24

Icons Only: Summer '24

The 1990s: an era when supermodels, glamour, sophistication, and bold fashion reigned supreme. Channel your inner Cindy, Naomi, and Claudia when rocking tight cuts, embroidered florals, and dazzling accessories like diamond earrings and chunky gold bracelets. This summer, we're bringing back the spirit of the supermodel era with our Summer '24 collection, Icons Only, where flashy fashion and attitude are center stage. This collection is your ticket to a wild night of debauched dining and dancing, as told in five chapters. 

Chapter 1: The Pre-Game 

It all starts here. Pull on a trendy graphic tee, a bright-colored mini skort, or add a touch of satin for a relaxed vibe while sipping your favorite cocktails and deciding which color shadow tonight calls for. 

Chapter 2: Girl Dinner 

Tonight's a marathon, not a sprint. Gather your energy in your most glamorous attire adorned with delicate flowers and silky fabrics. Lipstick touch-ups to come. 

Chapter 3: From Across the Room 

Catch their eye in strategically placed shimmer. Sheer fabrics, delicate lace, and sparkling beads combine for a taste of nostalgic glamour.

Chapter 4: Midnight Swim 

Your after-hours dip is a vibe all its own in the soft glow of sultry whites and slips.

Chapter 5: The Afters

Opt for something casually cute to end the night surrounded by friends, champagne bottles, and pillows waiting to be weaponized.

Grab your favorite summer essentials, turn up the music, live the summer stories you'll remember forever. Shop our Summer '24 Campaign now and get ready to party like it's 1999 ;)

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