Earth, Water, Fire, & Air: Why You Should Dress As Your Earthly Element

Earth, Water, Fire, & Air: Why You Should Dress As Your Earthly Element

We've all heard the saying "There is power in knowing who you are and what you want." Well, the same can be said when it comes to how you dress. When you align your wardrobe with your higher self, meaning you understand the intricate ins and outs of your personality, thoughts, and desires, the energy you exert into a room becomes undeniable. This shift in alignment also goes hand in hand with embracing your earthly element. When you dress according to your earthly element, you're telling the universe, "I'm here! See?! I'm doing my best and being myself so PLEASE send good vibrations my way!" And when you feel good, you subconsciously put good into the universe, sending positive vibrations out into the world and the people around you (a.k.a. you feel happier and more aligned with your purpose!).

So now that you understand why you should dress as your earthly element, let's talk specifics. But first a little DISCLAIMER: This is not to say that if you start dressing in alignment with your element that you'll never get a flat tire, your crush will magically confess their undying love for you, or you won't burn your frozen pizza in the oven... AGAIN. Okay now that we have a clear conscience, let's get to it!

Note: Don't know your element? Take our quiz to find out yours!

Earth Element

Have you ever met someone who always keeps it real?! We mean that one friend or family member that'll look you dead in the eyes and say, "Honestly, that green eyeliner kinda makes you look like the love child of Shrek and Kermit the Frog. Maybe try this blue one instead!" Even though they can come across as harsh, you can't help but love their honesty. Congrats, you've got an earth element on your hands!

Aside from being brutally honest, as an earth element, you're also creative, strong-willed, and reliable. You tend to be extremely grounded and sensual, with a little bit of a hidden edgy side. When it comes to curating your wardrobe as an earth element, focus on reworking the basics – think effortless cool girl meets nature lover! Earth elements also love comfort, so try and steer clear of any uncomfortable, tight pieces that could make you feel confined or restricted.

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Water Element

We all know that one person: The laid-back friend or co-worker who is so calm, cool, and collected that we can only assume they know something we don't. Like the universe is harboring all its secrets inside a 5'4" brunette with amazing style – I mean, who knows at this point. Either way, you're lucky enough to know a water element!

As a water element, you tend to be very intuitive and empathetic. Your friends and family recognize your easy-going and compassionate spirit while others may describe you as mysterious and hard to read – some may even say you're intimidating before they get to know you. When it comes to choosing outfits as a water element, lean into your mystical and sophisticated side. Reach for pieces that exude a quiet confidence while also making a statement.

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Fire Element

Is it hot in here? Oh... false alarm everyone. It's just another fire element!

As a fire element, you definitely live up to the name. You tend to be very bold and driven, sometimes to the point of impulsiveness. Although you may come across as intimidating or loud, it's easy to appreciate the passion and ambition that embodies a fire element. You're natural-born risk-takers who are determined to get exactly what you want, no matter how hard you have to work for it. That same spirit and enthusiasm are exactly what you should strive for when dressing in alignment with your fire element. Think bold prints, loud graphics, and eye-catching silhouettes.

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Air Element

You know that friend or family member that you always feel safe sharing your secrets with? No matter how bad weird, quirky, or down-right insane you think you may sound, they're always open-minded and never judgemental – well, thank you air elements!

As an air element, you're notoriously charming and charismatic. You're also highly sociable and witty, causing you to easily make friends everywhere you go. Your friends see you as a good listener and an even better advice giver, calling you first when they need to vent about their creepy neighbor or last night's horrible blind date. When it comes to building your wardrobe as an air element, lean into your romantic and whimsical side.  

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The Bottom Line

Now that you understand more about elements and what it means to dress in alignment with yours, there's nothing stopping you from experimenting with new and exciting styles and aesthetics. And when in doubt, just wear whatever the hell you want. I mean, who are we to tell you how to dress anyway? 😉


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