What Your Choice of Girl Dinner Says About You

What Your Choice of Girl Dinner Says About You

Is it a meal? is it a snack? Nope, it's girl dinner. 💅

Tiktok creator, Karma Carr and her viral girl dinner audio has been all across our FYP. It's basically everything and nothing all at once, it's about putting together all your cravings and calling it your next meal. Here's what your choice of girl dinner says about you, based on our #cidergang community:

Cheese Toasty and Popcorn

The free spirit! You're the person who's always down for new experiences and is the best one to call for last minute plans 👟

Your Cider Mood: Feeling Free

V-neck Solid Tie Front Knitted Top
Middle Waist Knitted Wide Leg Trousers

Mixed Pasta Shells, Butter, and Seasoning

The sweetheart! You have a bubbly personality and you have the kindest heart, you hold a lot of secrets because you're the friend that everybody just trusts 💖

Your Cider Mood: Feeling Cute

Knit V-neck 3D Flower Hollow Out Short Sleeve Top
Denim Heart Rhinestone Wide Leg Jeans

Grapes, Cheese, Crackers, and Cookies

The Sophisticated one! You're everyone's fave person to go on a brunch date with. You know the best cafés and restaurants and probably the mom of the group 💆‍♀️

Your Cider Mood: Feeling Fancy

Conversational Floral Ruched Tube Maxi Dress With Choker

Everything Bagel, Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella, and Ranch

The life of the party! Your fun and playful energy is what everyone's drawn to. You're the friend everyone looks for when you're not in the room 🤭

Your Cider Mood: Feeling Edgy

Denim Tube Crop Top & Mini Skirt Matching Set

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