'90s Grunge: Why You Should Be Obsessed With The '22 Fall Trend

'90s Grunge: Why You Should Be Obsessed With The '22 Fall Trend

From slouchy silhouettes and dark, distressed fabrics, '90s grunge is back and trendier than ever. With the rise and fall of the "clean girl aesthetic" that's flooded our fyp page all summer, the fashion world is craving something messier and full of edge. That means hanging up our neutral blazers, letting down our slicked-back buns, and embracing the careless, chaotic energy that comes with the '90s!

What Is "'90s Grunge" and How Is It Different From Other Grunge Aesthetics?

Different from aesthetics like "fairy grunge" and "soft grunge", which mix feminine aspects like delicate fabrics and pastel colors with a darker, more distressed fit, '90s grunge is all about embracing that 100% emo-punk look. Think shredded denim, black combat boots, and faded band tees (bonus points if they're an iconic '90s rock band like Nirvana or Blink-182!).

However, '90s grunge isn't just black jeans and ripped-up knitwear. If you really want to embody this aesthetic, you have to play the part! We're talking messy, unbrushed hair, smudgy black eyeliner, and an unapologetic "idgaf" attitude. Take all these elements into consideration and you'll have your friends checking their calendars to make sure it's 2022 and not 1995!

'90s Grunge Pieces You Need

Now that you've let your hair down and smudged out your perfectly winged liner, you're ready to upgrade your look! Before you go ripping up your favorite graphic tee or bleaching your trusty pair of black denim (which, let's be real, never ends well), check out these pieces we've curated specifically for this aesthetic:

Patchwork Knit Ripped Midi Dress

$26 USD

Ripped Jeans With Butterfly Chain

$34 USD

Rib Knit Heart Tank Top

$14 USD

Lace Trim Mini Dress

$30 USD

Retro Stripe Knit Tank Top

$26 USD


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