Very Likely Inspo: Sabrina Brier

Very Likely Inspo: Sabrina Brier
two, because yeah. via @sabrinabrier

We interrupt our usual Unlikely Inspo broadcast to bring you inspo that's highly likely. She's funny, she's pretty, she's even blonde ... she's simply every woman (who's 20-something in downtown Manhattan). Though her characters usually leave a bitter taste of recognition and/or spur a pan-to-camera come-to-God moment ("Wait - is that me?"), they all have one thing in common: really, really cute style. Who else is getting you to laugh and add to cart at the same time? When will female funnies get their due???

Below, looks inspired by my personal favorite Sabrina videos. Look like you live the 20-something NYC life. Or don't. Either way, we'll be talking about you later.

When You and Your Bestie Will Be Debriefing Later

Ah yes, my personal fave. Slap hands, share looks, and steal that f#!*ing seltzer in a shade I'm ready to call Sabrina Pink.

Solid Terry Straight Leg Pants ($34)
Solid Seam Corset Tank Top ($18)
Solid One Shoulder Crochet Tank Top ($22)

That Friend Who is ✨In Love With Your Boyfriend✨

Clothes for finding your Michael. Because he's literally so out there. Somewhere.

Jacquard Floral Square Neck Tank Top ($16)
Denim Washed High Waist Flared Jeans ($34)
Cool Faux Leather Jacket ($30)

POV: Your House is Haunted By ✨An Influencer✨

Can't say all influencers go to heaven, but they might just come back to review it anyway. Clothed in fellow dead trender Milennial Pink, nonetheless. Use code "LITERALLYDEADASS15" for 15% off entry at the pearly gates.

Satin Floral Sleeveless Mini Dress ($28)
Satin Asymmetrical Hem Mini Dress ($26)
Faux Pearl Headband ($8)

Honorable Mention: Sunglasses of Shame

No shame in these frames (okay, just a little). If sunglasses are headphones for the eyes, consider us frames on, world out.

Ombre Frame Fashion Glasses ($15)
Frame Fashion Glasses ($15)


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