Meet Sporty by Cider starring Luna Montana!

Meet Sporty by Cider starring Luna Montana!

Say hello to the new Sporty by Cider where grace meets strength. Consider this as a love letter to those who move with purpose and poise, from the dedicated ballerinas and those who dream of pirouettes to modern women finding their balance at the barre and pilates studios. Merging the delicate beauty of balletcore with the dynamic energy of sportswear, Sporty by Cider presents you with a mood that celebrates movement, offering a sartorial repertoire that's as functional as it is sweet.


We are thrilled to have the ultimate muse from our #cidergang to help unveil Sporty by Cider, meet Luna Montana! At just 23, Luna dazzles as a ballerina with the Pacific Festival Ballet in LA and shines as a content creator. You might know her from her super cool ballerina lifestyle vlogs on YouTube and her bubbly online vibes. Luna's total package of grace, style, and realness made her the ultimate muse to drop Sporty by Cider to our community.


Introducing CiderAIRY™, our new material that you'll be dying to live in. Wrap your body in a soft, hug-like compression. Ultra stretch, breathable, and lightweight? Yes please! This new fabric will revolutionize your workout wear, making sure you're comfortable from pilates class to brunch without compromising style.


If you were looking for a sign to kickstart a new healthy habit, consider this it! But hey, no judgment if we spot you just at brunch too, rocking these looks. 😉 What can we say; Life is a sport, dress for it! Shop Sporty by Cider out on our website. 🩰