Inside Scoop: Meet the Women of Cider

Inside Scoop: Meet the Women of Cider

Happy Women's Day to all the badass ladies out there! At Cider, we're all about empowering women through style and individuality (because when you look good, you feel good!). Today, we're shining the spotlight on some of the strong, fierce, and fabulous women behind Cider. From the creative geniuses behind our campaigns to the designers of your favorite Cider memes, get ready to meet the boss babes who play a huge role in helping you feel like the queen you are.

Our Social Queen

From left to right, Ceci wears our: Grandma's Quilt Patchwork Sweater ($32), Miss Crafty Patchwork Denim Midi Skirt ($30), Mesh Ruched Tube Top ($18), Denim Cargo Flares With Belt ($30), Faded Lilac Baggy Cargo Pants ($38)

Meet Ceci, one of the creative brains behind every Cider campaign! 🎉

📍Guangzhou, China

"As one of the earliest members of Cider's marketing squad, I've had a chance to dive into everything, from customer service to community building, from campaign brainstorming to offline events execution (coordinated our 1st Coachella event remotely!). Cider has made some of my craziest ideas come to life."

✨ Fun fact about working at Cider: In a fully remote team, I have been good friends with my teammates for over 2 years but have never met them in real life.

✨ Favorite mood collection from Cider: Feeling Sad (It's the collection we're cooking up with Sad Girls Club. Coming in May... Stay tuned!)

✨ Plans for Women's Day: Practice the dance in NewJeans' "OMG" music video!

✨ Girl power inspiration: Frida Kahlo🖼

Our Social (Butterfly) Operations Manager

From left to right, Eloise wears our: Solid Short Sleeve Crop Tee ($6), Solid Low-Rise Parachute Cargo Pants ($22), Unisex The Everyday Faux Leather Aviator Jacket ($44 - On Sale!), Hollow Out Long Sleeve Top ($28), Diamond Tassels Ripped Denim Shorts ($28)

Meet Eloise, the creative powerhouse of Cider's video content. 🦋

📍London, UK

"I've been at Cider for more than 2 years, and I am so thankful for the opportunities to be able to work on so many amazing projects. We have a fabulous team who all look out for each other, and every day there is something super exciting happening! A little fashion motto I stand by... 'Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you.'"

✨ Fun fact about working at Cider: I was the first ever employee for Cider in the UK!

✨ Favorite mood collection from Cider: Either Feeling Grunge or Feeling Minimalist (my style changes all the time!).

✨ Plans for Women's Day: Be kind to myself, and maybe get myself a hot chocolate!

✨ Girl power inspiration: Stevie Nicks & Blondie. If you want a great movie to watch on women's day though, Eat, Pray, Love is where it's at (with Julia Roberts).

Our Design Wizard

From left to right, Sofia wears our: Not Too Basic Checker Blazer ($26 - On Sale!), Everyday Illusion Psychedelic Swirl Pullover Sweater ($26), Everyday Illusion Psychedelic Swirl Knit Trousers ($26), "Bearly" Made It Sweater Vest ($19 - On Sale!), Bear Pattern Mini Skirt ($16 - On Sale!)

Meet Sofia, who's not just a pixel pusher, but also a visual storyteller, content strategist, social media whiz, and team player! ⚡️

📍Born in Argentina, now based in London, UK

"Working in Cider is like being a DJ - you have to mix the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation to keep the party going."

✨ Fun fact about working at Cider: No matter what time you send a message, there will always be someone around the world who will reply to you.

✨ Favorite mood collection from Cider: Every week is a different mood for me. Today I'm Feeling Nostalgic!

✨ Plans for Women's Day: I'll take a trip down memory lane and revisit all the cheesy rom-coms from my teenage years (I'm still a teenager eh! mentally) hahaha.

✨ Girl power inspiration: I LOVE the Powerpuff girls! I don't know if they are my inspiration, but I keep them in my mind every day. My favorite is Blossom.

Our Graphics Guru & Trend Expert

From left to right, Christa wears our: Front Bow Teddy Coat (Sold out! Check out this alternative!), Antique Twirl Lace Trim Long Dress ($42), All Over Print Backless Knit Dress (Sold out! Check out this alternative!)

Meet Christa, the Instagram genius who creates and curates the content you see on shopcider's account! 🕊

📍NYC, U.S.

"While working at Cider, I've been fortunate enough to wear many different creative hats. I've been able to leverage my skills by creating Instagram graphics, designing patterns for Cider clothes, creating TikTok videos, and so much more. I'm so lucky to work alongside such talented and brilliant women. Together, we've been able to accomplish the unimaginable and grow as a collective."

✨ Fun fact about working at Cider: I'm the creator behind some of your favorite Cider memes and styling graphics!

✨ Favorite mood collection from Cider: Feeling Dreamy

✨ Plans for Women's Day: Putting on a cute outfit and going out dancing with my friends.

✨ Girl power inspiration: Beyoncé 👑

Our Visual Style Storyteller

From left to right, Horea wears our: Brown Faux Leather Jacket ($52), Curve & Plus Floral Spaghetti Straps Maxi Dress ($32), Curve & Plus Solid PU Oversized Blazer ($36), Curve & Plus Velvet Cowl Neck Star Pattern Mermaid Maxi Dress ($32), Curve & Plus Floral Lace Collar Short Dress & Solid Cami Short Dress ($32)

Meet Horea, our Canadian based in Seoul who reps Cider Curve! 💖

📍Seoul, South Korea

"It is so exciting to get to work with such a cool group of creative queens from all over the world. I also love being able to find new ways to take care of our curve community."

✨ Fun fact about working at Cider: Sometimes meetings are at 2 PM... and sometimes they're at 2 AM. LOL!

✨ Favorite mood collection from Cider: I'm very excited for Feeling Sad!

✨ Plans for Women's Day: I'm just going to have a good day!

✨ Girl power inspiration: "You are your best thing." ― Toni Morrison

At Cider, we're more than just a brand - we're a family! And we're incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of people who have helped shape us into the brand we are today. From our talented designers to our dedicated production crew, every single person at Cider plays a critical role in bringing our visions to life!

We wish we could give a shoutout to each and every one of them, but honestly, there are just too many to name! So as you're wearing your favorite Cider outfits, keep an eye out for more insider stories, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and plenty of surprises. See ya soon! 😉


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