Geminis, Your Horoscope is Here ♊

Geminis, Your Horoscope is Here ♊

This one goes out to all our Geminis! June is your month, and the stars are aligning in your favor. Here are 3 things you should know for the month of June:

  1. Focus on your personal goals For the first two weeks of June, it's crucial that you focus on your long-term projects and goals. Whether it's a passion project, a promotion at work, or straight-up self-care –– keep your eyes on the prize.
  2. Be ready for financial and/or emotional blessings  Once Cancer season begins later this month, shift your priorities toward security and personal finances. Take advantage of opportune moments, don't shy away from the chance to enhance your financial status, and remember to celebrate your hard work and creative output.  
  3. Get in touch with family or your community  As Geminis, we're encouraged to create, nurture, love, and be loved. Our independent soul has been on overdrive, and it's time for you to slow down and accept the help being offered to you. Be mindful of your nights - spend that time with those who bring you serenity instead of using those hours for productivity, for a change.

Finish off Gemini season with the courage and passion that has always been within you. Happy Gemini Season, #cidergang!


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