Come Home to Cozy

Come Home to Cozy
Don't discount warm blues and greens this fall ;)

Call us basic, but fall is nothing if not ✨cozy✨. You've secured your favorite CIDER sweaters - now it's time to outfit your space for the season. Warm colors traditionally rule fall, but don't discount the ability of yellow-toned greens and blues to give dimension to your autumn aura. However, permission to go crazy with bright reds and oranges is more than granted. Plus: appreciate nature from your couch with motifs such as mushrooms, berries, and moons (don't look at us like that - we take cozy seriously).

Scroll for the Cider décor we're tryna come home to :)

Cat Shaped Halloween Pillow ($18)
Rabbit Pattern Pillow ($16)
Mushroom Shaped Pillow ($15)
Strawberry and Bear Decor Blanket ($34)
Graphic Tassel Blanket ($30)
Check and Floral Patchwork Storage Bucket ($7)
Mushroom Shaped Magnet Fridge Hook ($15)
The Moon Graphic Tapestry ($30)
Floral Pattern Coaster ($4)
Moon Pattern Wall Decor Hanger ($12)


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