The Zodiacs this August New Moon 🌗

The Zodiacs this August New Moon 🌗

The new moon has come last 15th of August, say hello to chaos and new beginnings into your life 👋 here's what these Zodiacs should expect this end of August:

Attention Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius placements

These signs will be a little more aggressive during the new moon. Don't worry, it just comes with the territory of the new moon aligning with Venus retrograde. Expect to see more chaos around you, or who knows you might even be the start of chaos – so be aware of the energy you're spreading out into your relationships. If your partner is one of these signs, best to extend extra patience!

On the plus side, the new moon will allow you to step into a successful new chapter in your life. It'll be a huge sigh of relief especially if you've been feeling stuck for a while now. Whether it's your career or finances, be sure to keep an open door to opportunities that have been calling out for you. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith into a new environment, trust in yourself to adapt and overcome.

If your Zodiac hasn't been mentioned, this means you're in the clear...for now 🤭  At the end of the day, embrace whatever comes your way, #cidergang. The universe will ultimately align for what's best for you. Believe it! 💫


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