The "Weird Girl" Is Trending

The "Weird Girl" Is Trending

If we had to describe 2022 with one word it would definitely be "weird". From Yung Gravy and Addison Rae's mom kissing at the VMAs to Kayne and Julia Fox's very short-lived relationship, 2022 has without a doubt, been nothing short of weird.

That's also been no exception when it comes to this year's fashion trends. With a spike in mixing patterns and textures, the weird girl aesthetic is everything we should've expected and more from this year (😉).

What Is The "Weird Girl Aesthetic"?

The latest trend is as straightforward as it sounds: mixing pieces, textures, and styles you normally wouldn't to create that "idgaf" outfit that somehow still looks like you go to fashion school in NYC (don't ask us how it works, it just does).

How To Build A "Weird Girl" Outfit

When building an outfit to achieve this aesthetic, look for bright colorful pieces that contrast each other. If you're dying to wear that ethereal mini dress but still want those unique, weird girl vibes, mix it up by throwing in on a pair of double platform boots and your chunkiest jewelry.

Pro tip: More is more with this trend! Think maximalist meets pop culture, cool girl!

Some "Weird" Fits We Love

The most important thing you can do when trying to achieve the weird girl aesthetic is to have fun with it! The funkier you can make your outfit, the more playful and quirky you'll feel.


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