Love Advice With The #cidergang ❤️

Love Advice With The #cidergang ❤️

Fall in love with love itself! Whether you're embarking on a new romance, enjoying a long-lasting relationship, or navigating a situationship (hey, we've all been there!), here's some unsolicited advice from your besties that you need and maybe don't want (oops) to hear 😙💕

Never look for it.

It usually happens when you least expect it and when it does, it turns out to be the best feeling in the world. Love is meant to find you, I mean that's why meet-cutes are a thing!! Make sure to be patient. It'll be worth it! - Anika, Los Angeles | ❤️ status: In a long-distance relationship

Give more than you take.

Realistically, 50-50 in a relationship somehow becomes limiting in your ability to love. There will be days when you have to give 80 when your partner can only do 20, and days when all you can do is 10 and your partner does the 90. Love is compromising and sometimes uncomfortable in the best way possible, because you get to do it to see growth. - Sofia, Mexico | ❤️ status: In a 5 year long relationship

Learn your love language.

Knowing how you receive and express love is sooo important! Seriously, take the time to take a test to find out which of the 5 love languages are your receiving and giving. After many rounds in the dating cycle, I've figured out that the best way I receive love is through quality time, while my expression of love is gifts. Game changer, I swear! – Liz, Michigan | ❤️ status: Single and happy!!!

Just be YOU.

It sounds so corny and cliché, but nothing is as true to this word of advice. The goal is to be with someone forever and that means knowing all the quirkiest things about them and accepting it. You got to love and be proud of who you are first, it makes having someone love you easier. We're all weird in different ways, just find someone who matches your weirdness! – Kris, Texas | ❤️ status: In a situationship

Happy almost Valentine's Day, #cidergang! Remember that you're beautiful, loved, and worthy of anything you want in this life! 💖


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