June picks with our #cidergang

June picks with our #cidergang

The votes are in from our #cidergang! Each month, we ask which piece deserves the most love and is a need in our closet. Hailing from different continents and cultures, we love seeing how universal the language of style and fashion is. Here are the best pieces for the month of June:

The must have top: Midnight Veil Ultra-Cropped Long Sleeve Shrug

"I’ll probably end up ordering again. I have the long sleeve in white but I want it in every color now!" – Li, 📍Texas

The must have bottoms: Denim Washed Ultra Skort

"Speechless. This is a need!" –Thais,📍 Brazil

The must have dress: Apple Pattern Corduroy Pinafore Mini Dress

"The apple dress, I gotta have it. It's everything cute and just perfectly Cider!" – Violet, 📍Albania

The must have shoes: Platform Heeled Sandals

"Just in time for the Barbie premier and to hit off Summer! I can literally pair these with any outfit."–– Mon, 📍Madrid

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