Is Cider Sustainable? What You Can Expect From #RecycledCider

Is Cider Sustainable? What You Can Expect From #RecycledCider

Here we are, #CiderGang! Addressing one of your most frequently asked questions: How is Cider sustainable?

Our mission has always been to create accessible, everyday statement pieces with sustainability in mind. From the beginning, we've minimized our environmental impact by using our smart-fashion model (learn more about that here!) As we continue to grow, we're expanding our commitment to sustainability with the help of our global team and amazing community (that's you, besties!).

Action Over Words

The process of sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Every small step we take together WILL create a lasting impact. We could ramble on and on about our ideas, but instead, we think you deserve to see firsthand how we're bringing this plan to life!

So here's the NEW NEW that you can expect from us:

Better Packaging

By the end of 2022, we'll gradually transition from our current packaging to dā‚‚w biodegradable bags. If you receive our old packaging in your next few orders, don't worry! We're just using them up so they don't go to waste! (btw peep how cute the new packaging is. Totally fetch, right?!)

#RecycledCider Collection ā™»ļøšŸ

A collection made with recycled material certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS). We believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible, not exclusive. Making conscious shopping choices shouldn't hurt your bank account or the planet! We're so happy to share this journey with you and we can't wait to see you lookin' fresh in #RecycledCider!

Take a peek at some of our fav #RecycledCider pieces:

Learn more about our initiatives on our sustainability page!


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